p l u g I N is an extensive project aimed at reviving the traditions and culture of the cohabiting ethnicities in Banat, through a series of performances utilizing artistic installations created by a group of artists from diverse cultural backgrounds including visual arts, graphics, music, etc.

The choice of the word “plug” was not accidental, as it holds rich significance in the Romanian language, being a tool useful in agricultural work, which also serves as a physical extension creating an intimate connection between the villagers and the natural environment they symbiotically inhabit. Additionally, the preposition “in” from the English language changes the perception of how we connect to current “streams,” to new artistic technologies, specifically urban ones.

The cultural itinerary of the p l u g I N project targeted 6 cities and villages in historical Banat: Buziaș, Vinga, Diniaș, Comloșu Mic, Recaș, and Măguri, where there are still relatively numerous ethnic communities (Serbs, Germans, Hungarians, Roma, Bulgarians) cohabiting with the now predominantly Romanian population.

The program of this cultural tour consisted of contemporary art exhibitions with the participation of artists: Andreea Medar, Cătălin Petrișor, and Silvia Moldovan, the screening of a documentary video by Mihai Pinti, electronic music workshops for children, and a laser and music show coordinated by composer Alex Halka. The events were complemented by a video installation produced by visual artist Josépha Blanchet.

In the localities of Buziaș, Vinga, and Diniaș, Olga Torok remixed traditional Romanian, Bulgarian, and Serbian folk dances together with the local folk dance groups, respectively. The remixing imbued the dances with contemporary dance elements by remixing the movements as well as using music created from ethnic songs and remixed by contemporary composers.

The events took place in community centers or schools in the respective localities, for which we thank the local authorities and representatives of the local communities, who supported and assisted us with the organization.