Tradition and modernity. Symbol and graphics. Rhythm and pulsation.

 REMIX ID is a call for solidarity among ethnicities, among various social groups, between urban and rural, among people.

REMIX ID proposes intercultural dialogue in a creative manner, appealing to both the senses and intellect, using art as a medium to spread a message of tolerance, peace, and understanding by creating an artistic mosaic of music and imagery. In this mosaic, the ancient meanings of rural Banat ethnic communities meet the highly technologized world of the urban environment.

This encounter, we hope, which updates the songs, costumes, dances, crafts, and ancestral lifestyles, preserves the essence but modernizes the medium through which they were transmitted until now. It serves as an example of diversity and unity for a generation deeply technologized but increasingly detached from local identity, that of our parents and grandparents.